USA – Hawai’i – Kona – Golden Arches and Big Arch at Pines

Operator Site Dive Depth Bottom Time
Dive Makai Golden Arches 5 87.0 52 minutes
Big Arch at Pines 6 71.0 59 minutes

There is a massive difference between Jack’s beautiful boats, and young energetic dive masters, and a dive operated by seasoned vetarans.

One passenger on the boat publishes the photo books of Hawai’ian fish, and used Dive Makai exclusively to find particular species. “I’d like to get a shot of XX” “Oh, we know of one that’s hanging out at this dive site, we’ve named him Ed”

The first site had amazing sea life, the most aquatic life of any of the dives this trip, including a huge eel named “Satan”, a psychedelic wrasse and his harem, and more. We visited one of the arches, and then went down to the drop-off.

The second site had two very large eel, a fried egg nudibranch, leaf fish, and many more.

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